Welcome to the Barronett, Wisconsin portal page for

Welcome to the Barronett, Wisconsin portal page for Talk Fusion!
My name is David Hull.

As your Talk Fusion Representative for Barronett, I'm here to answer
any questions you may have about Talk Fusion!

Feel free to email me at: ceomy-city-mail.com or call me: (541) 688-2046

Get Paid Instantly!

Independent Associates in over 140 countries are paid instantly for promoting and sharing the limitless potential of Talk Fusion's world's-first All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. Discover how our video communication products, marketing resources, branding services, live support and expertise can help you reach new heights in your success story.

A video marketing solution that everyone wants
from an industry-leading company with a compensation plan

no one else can match!

  The Talk Fusion Opportunity   Talk Fusion for Business   Talk Fusion for Personal  

Join Talk Fusion With David   Hull

Join David Hull
in the Talk Fusion Opportunity Today!

The Talk Fusion Opportunity OPPORTUNITY

How many of your friends, family and business associates use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites because YOU use them and you invited them to join you?

How did you spend all of the checks that Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the others sent you for everyone you referred to their sites?

Wait. You didn't get a check from them?

Imagine if they paid you to use their social networking web sites to help promote your business or for your personal use -- because that's what Talk Fusion does!

Talk Fusion pays you for sharing their innovative Video Marketing Solution.

You earn money for sharing the industry-leading technology of Video Chat and the incredible Live Meetings video conferencing and broadcasting platform.

You get paid within three minutes for sharing the innovation of Video Email and Video Newsletters, which will completely change how people send business and personal email.

Why not take the money?
People who do have a shot at reaching their financial dreams. They are take-charge people who see the huge potential and never take their eyes off of the prize. You'll be amazed that you can make a sale today and get paid within 3 minutes!

Talk Fusion's revolutionary All-in-One Video Marketing System and Instant Pay Compensation Plan give you that kind of control!

Earn the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of! Imagine what this could mean: Taking your kids to school. Being there when they get home. Tucking them into bed at night. Watching little-league games. Paying off your credit card... then your car... then your house. Travel when you want. Imagine everything you've always wanted.
Enjoy life the way you've always imagined.
Life is good!

Live the Lifestyle you've always dreamed of!

Why Talk Fusion?
  • Instant Pay Compensation Plan
  • Fantastic residual income potential
  • Yearly incentive trip to tropical Maui, Hawaii
  • Mercedes-Benz car bonus – when you qualify, the company buys you a car!
  • Rolex watch as a reward for success
  • Gold-and-diamond recognition rings for milestone earnings
  • Unmatched cash performance bonuses

Join Us Today!

Our marketing and SEO experts give you the training, resources, and marketing websites you need! Use them to your full advantage!
  1. Search Engine Optimized Marketing Site to bring in prospects!

  2. Self-Replicated Corporate Website to demonstrate the product and opportunity!

  3. Self-Replicated Join Site to make it easy for your prospects to sign-up online!
Whether you are looking to just supplement your current income or to replace it completely, Talk Fusion has the plan to help you get there!

Join Talk Fusion With David   Hull

Join David Hull
in the Talk Fusion Opportunity Today!

  The Talk Fusion Opportunity   Talk Fusion for Business   Talk Fusion for Personal  

Talk Fusion for Business!


Businesses and Talk Fusion make a great pair! Talk Fusion is the intelligent way to stay in touch with clients, employees and business associates or promote sales and customer relations!

Talk to one person or twenty or hundreds at a time! Send reminders and proposals and special offers via Video Email or Video Newsletters. Keep your communication face-to-face with Video Chat or hold video conferences and presentations with Live Meetings!

From family-owned to Fortune 500, Talk Fusion is the answer for your business. Talk Fusion video communication products will build brand loyalty, increase customer relations and retention, reduce advertising costs, qualify sales leads and increase response rates.

So many ways to use
Talk Fusion
for your business!
  • Home Tours
  • Sale Announcements
  • Product Demos
  • Training
  • Promotions
  • Events
  • Advertising
  • Customer Follow-Ups
  • Prospecting
  • New Lead Capture
  • Motivational Messages
  • Corporate News
  • Fundraising
  • Presentations
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Special Instructions
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Qualify Leads
  • Invitations
  • Trackable Marketing
That's just the tip of the list!
The Video Marketing Solution you can't do without!
It's the Video Marketing Solution
your business can't do without.

Sign up now!

Join Talk Fusion With David   Hull

Join David Hull
in the Talk Fusion Opportunity Today!

  The Talk Fusion Opportunity   Talk Fusion for Business   Talk Fusion for Personal  

Talk Fusion for Business!

Talk Fusion's All-in-One Video Marketing Solution is also the ideal way to stay in touch with friends and family. Share those first baby steps with Grandma and Grandpa. Relive vacation memories. It's all easy with Talk Fusion.

Just hit a few buttons to create and send a Video Email or Video Newsletter in seconds! Or with one-click you can Video Chat with long distance friends on any device with internet and a browser. Hold a video family reunion with anyone around the world in real-time using Live Meetings.

Share these joys with your loved ones instantly. Talk Fusion makes it personal!

At Talk Fusion, we say “be part of the moment” – and with our All-in-One Video Marketing Solution you can let all of your friends and family be part of that moment WITH YOU!

Talk Fusion is a simple and affordable way to create new video memories or share existing ones.

Stay connected and share your life
with friends and family NOW!
Use Talk Fusion for personal communication made better with video!

Join Talk Fusion With David   Hull

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If you have any questions about Talk Fusion, our amazing All-in-One Video Marketing Solution, or our industry-exclusive World's First Instant Pay Compensation Plan, I will be happy to answer them!
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David Hull
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